These testimonials were provided by previous and current patients/families:

Jeff and Christina were the most important aspect of my recovery from muscle tension dysphonia.  They are an amazing team that helped me gain my voice back.  Their expertise, advice, and exercises were the only things that helped after antibiotics, steroids, scopes and reflux meds. Thank you Foothills Speech and Language for giving me my life back!

  • Do you believe in miracles?  I do now!  I had lost my voice for over 30 years!  I didn't know why, it just happened.  People thought that I had mental issues, food allergies or that I was just plain weird. I hated drawing attention to myself.  It's very hard living and communicating with people when you can't talk.  It's also very frustrating! Someone had recommended that I see Jeff Steffen at Foothills speech & Language for speech therapy.  It was the best decision that I've made in my life.  I dont have to experience laryngitis ever again.  If by chance I do get it, I have exercises to deal with it and get back to normal speech immediately.  I never thought this was possible.  I'm so thankful to Jeff for his help.  He is so knowledgeable and kind.  Jeff is not intimidating, just fun to work with.  Don't put it off any longer, walk into the office and start a new life.  You'll be happy that you did.

        D. Peake

  • A severe allergic reaction five months ago left me with months of coughing and changes to my voice that ranged from total loss to incredibly deep to deep and raspy.  Frustrated by my voice not returning, I finally looked at getting help from my doctor and was referred to speech therapy.  After putting me through a series of voice tests, my speech pathologist, Jeff, determined that with exercise I could retrain my voice.  This was my first time receiving speech therapy and I learned a significant amount of useful information about the proper function and techniques of voice usage and breathing.  I was sent home with easy exercises and noticed a difference immediately.  The tools and comments given to me in my hour session (intake/evaluation) with Jeff helped me maintain awareness of how I needed to use my voice and retrain it at a different pitch throughout the day.  By my second appointment the following week, I had been able to improve my voice to the point where I no longer need further training and my therapist closed my case.  I will be continuing with my voice training exercises to help get to an maintain my regular voice.       

        Elizabeth J

  • As an unfortunate side effect of thyroid surgery, I lost my voice.  You never realize how verbal our world is until you can't express yourself.  When I started working with pathologist Loriann Schwartz, most of my words were inaudible, breathy and high pitched.  It was an effort to talk.  She determined the exact method for strengthening my vocal folds and through a series of simple, and sometimes silly exercises, I started to make sound.  The progress was amazingly quick.  I'm grateful to Loriann for guiding me back to my natural voice.

        Lora Witt

  • Foothills Speech and Language was recommended to me by a friend who said her son's problems with pronunciation were corrected within a few months.  My son had been in public school speech therapy for six years and I was beginning to think there were some sounds that his mouth could not physically produce.  Trying private therapy was our last hope.  I am happy to say that within a few months Loriann had worked with him so successfully that he was pronouncing all sounds correctly.   From there it became a matter of practice to make the correct sounds his new habit.  The weekly coaching and feedback were exactly what he needed and Loriann kept each visit upbeat and interesting-very important for us as my son was a bit demoralized after the therapy he had received at school.  I highly recommend her!  

          L. Logan

  • Jeff Steffen worked with me over several weeks to help treat a hemorrhagic polyp. He helped me understand what was happening to me and how to maximize my chances of healing naturally. Jeff provided practical exercises and suggestions that I could implement right away. My polyp has healed completely. I still use the tools Jeff gave me and feel confident that I will be able to keep this condition from recurring. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone in similar circumstances.

        Roberta Aguilar-Maravilla

  • My son was diagnosed with ASD nearly 3 years ago when he was 22 months old.  Since the beginning we have been coming to see Jeff Steffen.  His work with my son has been so thorough without sacrificing patience; and his ability to connect with him is tremendous, even on his first day.  When it seemed next to impossible to communicate with my son, Jeff has captured ways to make it happen.    

        Elena MacDonald

  • Jeff Steffen is an outstanding SLP.  He worked with my daughter, and I was so impressed with his ability to connect with her.  He is professional, enthusiastic, and compassionate.  It is obvious that he loves what he does, and I highly recommend him to any/all who need speech therapy.  As my daughter would say, "That Mr. Steffen...he's so fun!"

        Betsy Hart

  • Jeff, I really want to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me.  After loosing my voice due to vocal cord paralysis, caused by a traumatic intubation, I was referred to you for speech therapy.   Working with you the past couple of months has made a huge difference in my ability to speak.  Your knowledge and experience are evenly coupled with understanding and kindness to help all of those who walk through your door, and I feel very fortunate that my doctor referred me to you.                             

        Barb Silverman

  • Jeff was recommended to us by our Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician when our 13-month old son was not speaking.  Jeff was able to make our therapy sessions fun for our son and he gave us guidance on how to better encourage speech for our young son.  Our son made huge improvements immediately after working with Jeff and he continues to improve daily.  Our son is now 2 and he is at average or above average levels.  Jeff has the unique ability to be able to communicate effectively with children and adults.  Jeff's love for his work radiates from him.  we are so grateful for everything that he has done for us.

        Stephanie and Chad Muxworthy

  • I highly recommend Jeff Steffen as a speech therapist!  Jeff worked with my young son in the summer of 2008 and summer of 2009 on various pronunciation issues, and worked wonders with my son's ability to produce certain sounds.  Jeff was extremely knowledgeable as to how to coach my son to improve his speech.  Perhaps most importantly, Jeff made every session fun and engaging, so that my son was always eager to attend, participate and learn quite a bit in the process.

        Sonya Walker

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